Natalie C


Kris calls herself The Music Lifestylist ™️, living her life through her ventures as a singer-songwriter, performing artist, and educator. Her aim is to share her bliss, experiences, education, and to create a community focused on celebrating creative women of color. The ultimate goals of her platform is to inspire, heal, and build her presence to be organically booked, based on the lifestyle in music that she organically promotes.

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Insta: @thekrisbliss

Natalie C is a single mother of two, nurse, MS warrior and advocate for health and wellness through her U4RIA CBD Oil in which she founded.

Natalie’s passion is to bring awareness of the health benefits to her clients through the use of our CBD oil products along with education about the science of cannabinoids and how it can improve their wellness when added to their daily routine.

Over the years, CBD oil has become one of the most widely used and accepted forms of treatment for the symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, as well as other conditions that are caused by an ever growing fast pace lifestyle. Worldwide more and more people are turning towards Cannabis and Hemp based products to ease their suffering. Natalie’s belief and experience has lead her to bring her clients along with her on her wellness journey and spread the good news though U4RIA!


Kay is a Brooklyn based, self-taught, contemporary abstract artist who works mainly in mixed media. Her signature style combines emotionally charged painted typography with purposeful sketches to delicately balance empowering yet vulnerable statements.

As an emerging artist she uses her personal battle with anxiety and depression to create art that inspires and promotes the positive and open dialogue around mental health - Specifically Black Mental Health.

Instagram : @shesaking