SAYJE, A Bronx native two spirited Alchemist/Singer songwriter , envisions a spiritually enlightened utopian world of oneness and higher vibrations. Sharing stories of romance, heartbreak, enlightenment, healing and journey to self mastery, SAYJE is both emotionally engaging and transmutative . With an atmospheric Emo-pop sound and enchanting Lyrical tone SAYJE delivers a cool calm and often described “clearing” tone. Following the summer 2018 release of “moonlight” Their forth coming Ep “dream walker” is set to be released later this year.

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Passport Rav


Jersey producer/artist living in Brooklyn.His debut album Fanciest Negro is available on all platforms along with animated videos. His style is mixture of conscious,ratchet with some humor.Passport Rav has toured domestically and throughout Europe.

Passport Rav