vino vibes honoring the process


VINO VIBES, is an enchanting evening of creation curated and hosted by NYC artist Simone Ellove King ( @elloveking), where wine, artist, intellectuals, creatives, and entrepreneurs connect once a month to share elevated vibrations with the most abundance and thoughtful offerings of expression.

The beauty of VINO VIBES serves as the likeness where the five steps of wine-making and becoming and being an artist go hand-in-hand. Where delicate grapes are harvested, crushed, fermented, clarified, and then aged and bottled, the artist endures the same five steps in honing, birthing, becoming one with, and delivering their craft as a special offering in this cherished space. VINO VIBES highlights the full circle process of life that is shared in both making and enjoying art and wine.

With wine as the centerpiece of VINO VIBES that keeps this magical evening fluid, presented are beautiful art vendors, rising entrepreneurs, wine tastings and a open welcoming to diverse artist to share on stage and create in the moment, along with special performances and an amazing house band on tap. VINO VIBES is a space to lift and inspire spirits, nurture artistic connections, and provide freedom to all in all. Most of all, VINO VIBES fosters a safe-haven of love and elevated vibrations for all performers and audience members alike –because we need it.